Friday, May 11, 2012

Bye Bye Broussard, Hello Badalamenti!

Christine Badalamenti, an Environmental Studies Master’s Candidate at Antioch University New England, will be joining Art for Water this summer.  Christine will be picking up where Will Broussard left off, helping with exhibitions, community outreach and social media, proposal writing, and anything Art for Water needs!

Christine grew up on Long Island, New York.  Surrounded by development and small parks, her only connection to wild places was the Atlantic Ocean, and a few summers spent in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania.  Christine went from studying Theater and Photography in high school to English and Philosophy in college.  Always she longed to return to the ocean and the trees.  Now in her second year of Master’s Candidacy she is learning how to communicate her passion for environmental advocacy through all she has learned, and looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of how Art for Water gracefully accomplishes this task.

Christine will be very busy with Art for Water’s two exciting artist in residencies this summer.   She looks forward to sharing this journey with all of you and hopes everyone will be following along.

Art for Water wishes Will all the best as he has relocated to North Conway, New Hampshire, where he has taken a job as Outreach Coordinator for the Mount Washington Observatory.  He will be providing climate and weather-based educational programs for students both in the White Mountains region and across the US.  He is sad to leave Art for Water, and has promised to return to Harrisville for visits.


  1. So long Will! All the best!!

    Congratulations Christine! Arts for Water is lucky to have you. Ain't nobody better at exhibiting, writing, outreaching and social-media-ing! haha